Welcome to Palatinus Blades website. I build table tennis blades. Playing table tennis is an art and fight at the same time. I know you and the blade must be a synergistic combination to do your best. I believe the secret is in you and the blade together. I make premium quality, unique table tennis blades made of selected value veneers and made by hand. I know you are looking for the best blade. What do you think which is the best blade for you? The one that WR1 player plays with? Or the one that fits YOU?!

After couple of years experiment and learning ancient woods phylosophy but also understanding the harmony inside I started to build tabletennis rackets. I use hand selected material and handmade processes that result unique blades. During developing and receiving demands it came up soon that making the best wood on the world is impossible. I faced that there is no best wood since people have different needs. So my way is to make the wood fits you – it is the best. Due to the latest glue ban regulations I developed our process and managed to tune our woods working well with new rubbers while the harmony of the pure wood is preserved. Now this opportunity is open for you. You can buy my blades here. Or you can contact me via palatinusblades(at)gmail(dot)com email address.